Safety Audits

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Safety Audits

Safety Audits and Gap Analysis

Comprehensive health & safety consultancy services, from gap analysis to implementation, evaluation and continuous improvement.

Develop or Revise Safety Statements

The Safety Statement is effectively a company’s documented Health & Safety Management programme for ensuring the safety, health and welfare of all its employees while at work. Safety Statements are also a legal requirement, as set out in the Safety, Health and Welfare Act, 2005.

SPeco Services Ltd. has worked closely with clients to develop tailored and customised Safety Statements which meet statutory requirements, and more importantly, help businesses manage their safety and health in a simple and effective manner.

When developing a Safety Statement, we visit the client site(s) to familiarise ourselves with client work systems, processes and equipment, and conduct detailed risk assessments with the assistance of company employees. We ensure the client is involved at all stages, and client input is instrumental in drafting the final document. Our Safety Statements are user-friendly practical working documents which can be readily updated as changes happen within the company; we don’t believe in supplying enormous collections of documentation to our customers which sit on shelves for years!

Risk Assessment

A Risk Assessment identifies the potential health and safety hazards in the workplace. It is a requirement under the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005 that every employer carries out a Risk Assessment, and on the basis of this assessment, prepares a Safety Statement.

SPeco Services Ltd. consults with our clients in conducting bespoke Risk Assessments. This report identifies the risks and hazards inherent in your company’s operations, and sets out Control Measures needed to address them. We provide bespoke risk assessments drafted on reviewing company operations to ensure the risk assessments take into account any procedures or standard practices in the workplace. Our risk assessments are easy to update and change as work evolves or processes are updated. We pride ourselves on providing simple; accessible and practical risk assessments that can be used on a daily basis within the workplace.

Accident Investigation

Effective accident recording and investigation is an enormous help in improving your company’s overall business. All accidents and incidents affect cost i.e. through downtime, increased insurance premiums, time taken to carry out investigations or work with regulatory agencies investigating accidents etc. SPeco Services Ltd. carry out investigations on behalf of employers or we can oversee an investigation underway on behalf of clients.

SPeco has an excellent track record of working on behalf of clients involved in both civil and criminal cases. We have worked for both the plaintiff and for the defendant. We work alongside the HSA, insurance companies and experts providing third party independent accident investigation. We can guide and assist the employer through the process or just manage the investigation on behalf of the client. We will also provide you with a comprehensive report on our findings and keep you updated along the way.


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