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SPeco Services Ltd. offers a comprehensive range of environmental and health & safety (EHS) consultancy services to a broad range of small, medium and large organisations across all industry sectors. We work closely with clients to identify, design, deliver and evaluate cost-effective environmental and health & safety systems and solutions. We have extensive experience in assisting clients to obtain and maintain environmental, health and safety compliance. Thank you for visiting our website, we hope to be of assistance to you soon.

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Environmental Management System Implementation 


ISO14001 is part of the ISO 14000 series and forms the cornerstone of the family of standards. ISO 14001 environmental certification provides a framework for environmental management best practice to help organisations

Safety Services

SPeco Services Ltd. has an established reputation for providing excellence in health and safety solutions to a loyal client base. We pride ourselves in providing customers with services they value, such as on-site health & safety personnel placement for a number of days a month, 24-hour back up support and safety consulting retainer services.

Business Continuity Services

SPeco Services can offer their expertise and guidance when looking to create or review a Company Business Continuity plan. A Business Continuity Plan refers to how to maintain business functions or resume business functions in the face of a major disruption. It will outline procedures and instructions for the organisation to ensure business can continue.

Green Business

Cleaner greener production of your product or services represents a significant business opportunity. The Environmental Protection Agency supports companies to undertake projects that lead to significant environmental benefits and shared learning for Irish industry.

The SPeco Services Ltd. Team

SPeco Services Ltd. was established in 2004 by Shane Mooney. SPeco Services Ltd. prides itself on having a practical approach to Environmental, Health and Safety issues that arise for our clients, and will find best practice, innovative and simple approaches which are both manageable and cost effective for employers to implement.

The business is centered on a small core team of employees offering a tailored and dedicated service to our customers. We have an extremely loyal customer base and carry out work within Ireland and internationally,managing projects and performing audits for our customers. Our customers turn to us in times of need; where accidents and fatalities occur in companies, they call on us in order to ensure investigations are monitored and good practices upheld.

Many of our customers have requested us to come and work for them on a full time basis. We have developed a placement program whereby our employees are made available to employers for a period or days / weeks/ months with the added back up of having senior SPeco Services consultants available within 24 hours.

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